Offices for rent in Warsaw Mokotów (101)

Harmony Office Center C

Warszawa, Żaryna (Mokotów)

  • Asking rent
    17 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (5)

Kolonia Sielce

Warszawa, Sielecka (Mokotów)

  • Asking rent
    62.5 PLN/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (7)

Domaniewska 45

Warszawa, Domaniewska (Mokotów)

  • Asking rent
    12 - 12.5 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (8)

Harmony Office Center D

Warszawa, Żaryna (Mokotów)

  • Asking rent
    17 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (6)

Hamilton International presents listings of office spaces available for rent in a popular Warsaw district of Mokotow.

Office rental market in Mokotow

Mokotow is one of the most popular residential districts in Warsaw. Located south from the city center is liked both by locals and visitors. It is perfectly communicated with other parts of the city via numerous tramlines and a nearby metro line. This is a significant advantage for people working in Mokotów and living in other parts of Warsaw. Green areas surrounding the district, close vicinity to both the city center and the airport, and generally good standard of local infrastructure made the district such successful.

Important part of Mokotów is its post-industrial region of Służewiec. With the end of operation of local industrial plants in the 1990's, office developers took advantage of large, armed and well-connected plots in the area. Currently, area of Domaniewska, Wołoska, Cybernetyki and Marynarska streets is one of the biggest and most recognized office projects in Poland.

Office buildings in Mokotow

Recent estimates suggested that up to 100,000 people come to work in Mokotów every day. Large part of the local office stock has been built between 2000 and 2010 and the most recent developments are residential and hotel, making Mokotów more multi-functional and tailored to the needs of a modern tenant.

Rental prices vary from 12,00 to 16,00 EUR per m2 and the average floor size in the local office towers tend to be 1500 m2, making it a perfect choice for companies from technology industries.