Tenant needs Analysis

As a first step, we listen to your commercial requirements considering factors such as office location and amenities to help you formulate a leasing strategy based on our in-depth market knowledge. From there we apply the information to our comprehensive database of currently available office spaces to search for suitable matches.

Presentation of available rental options

You will be presented with a long list of available office spaces which fit your needs together with a ‘like for like’ cash flow analysis for your lease term, providing complete transparency on the best offers available on the market. Our leasing advisors will work through the options with you in order to further narrow down your search to offices which best suit your needs, on the most competitive rental terms.

Accompanying tenant on all viewings

Our leasing advisors will organise viewings of all shortlisted offices and arrange meetings with the respective landlords and leasing managers to help you acquaint yourself with the properties and finalise your decision.

Technical support for tenant

Inclusive in our tenant representation service, we offer technical support along the way, in order to lead you to the right decision. If an office is of initial interest, our partner architectural firm will do a provisional analysis of the rental space. The aim of this step is to ascertain the overall suitability of the space and its facilities to meet your leasing requirements, estimate costs, ensure the office can provide appropriate workspace and is able to deliver your concept.

Negotiation of lease terms

With years of experience of commercial leasing and know-how of the process, our team are perfectly placed to offer you support in negotiating excellent commercial terms for your lease. We are familiar with each landlord and can advise on a case by case basis how to achieve the best possible rental outcome for your business. The legal aspect of the negotiations is covered by our partner law firm who ensure you receive full legal representation throughout the lease negotiations.

Tenant Aftercare services

The needs of the tenant do not cease once the tenancy begins. At Hamilton International we maintain contact with the tenant during the term of the lease and where necessary liaise between the tenant and landlord. Examples of aftercare services include assistance with expansion requirements, subletting, and auditing of office service charges.