Offices for rent in Warsaw Wola (76)

Karolkowa Business Park

Warszawa, Karolkowa (Wola)

  • Asking rent
    17.85 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (5)

Warsaw Unit

Warszawa, Rondo Daszyńskiego (Wola)

  • Asking rent
    21 - 25 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (22)

Wola Center

Warszawa, Przyokopowa (Wola)

  • Asking rent
    18.5 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (23)

Hamilton International presents a selection of office listings available for rent in Warsaw’s Wola district – one of the fastest emerging business areas in Poland.

Property market in Wola

Wola, bordering City Centre on the East, is growing at an amazing pace. Construction sites are a common sight in these district as numerous residential, commercial and multi-functional projects are being built in Wola. Historically, Wola was a working-class district. Many post-industrial plots has been re-used by developers in recent years. Traditional housing stock of blocks form 60's and 70's has been changed into modern skyscrapers and prestigious apartment buildings. Their standard easily matches the City Centre.

Wola, thanks to its location, offers great connection to Śródmieście and other vital parts of the capital. Main streets, tram lines and newly built second metro line all go through Wola.

Old factory buildings are being replaced with modern offices, with international banks and headquarters of major companies. Many of the most iconic office developments are located in Wola – with Warsaw Spire being one of them.

Office rental market in Wola

Office rental market is taken over by modern developments. In 2020 50% of all Warsaw office developments under construction were located in Wola. Such a demand is reflected in the pricing – class A office space in Wola can be rented from 16,00 to 20,00 EUR per m2. Apart from that, there is a reasonable stock of renewed buildings from the original 60’s and 70’s stock as a possible alternative for more price-sensitive tenants. Class B office buildings can be leased approximately for 16,00 EUR per m2.