Offices for rent in boutique office buildings (89)

The Tides

Warszawa, Wioślarska (Śródmieście)

  • Asking rent
    18.5 - 25 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (4)

Chmielna 25

Warszawa, Chmielna (Śródmieście)

  • Asking rent
    21.5 - 22 EUR/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (3)

Foksal 10

Warszawa, Foksal (Śródmieście)

  • Asking rent
    68 PLN/m2
  • Total available space
  • Available floor areas (2)

Hamilton International presents a wide selection of office space for rent in boutique office buildings in Warsaw. The list includes revitalized tenement houses and cozy office buildings, which often fit into the local infrastructure and become an integral part of the area. These types of offices are especially popular among smaller teams, but large tenants are also choosing them. The advantages of boutique office buildings include easy access, developed surroundings and often a great location.