Warszawa, Aleje Jerozolimskie (Warszawa)

Centre Details

Operator BeYOURSeLF
Total Workstations: 168
Typical floor size: 2000m2
Min. Lease Term: 1 month
Opening Date: 2018 (Q2)
Total Centre Area: 2400m2
Property class: B
Property ID: 244

Centre Description

BeYOURSeLF is a solution addressed to small, medium and large enterprises, which combines the benefits of access from a common space, supporting creativity, while maintaining the internal organization of the company within a separate area. BeYOURSeLF offers finished and fully equipped work spaces, clearly separated from the common spaces so that the whole team can work together. In the BeYOURSeLF billing model, the company pays for the actual number of employees, not for the office space, as is the case in the standard rental model. As part of BeYOURSeLF's monthly membership, all employees receive unlimited access to Brain Embassy

Adgar Park West is located in the business center of the Ochota district, by Jerozolimskie Avenue. This ideal location ensures easy access from all city areas - the Central Train Station is only 4 km. In the immediate vicinity of the development one will find the Blue City and Reduta shopping centers, as well as cafes, restaurants, shops and a bank. Lastly the Szęśliwicki Park is also nearby.

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Lease terms

Private Office

10 People - From 12500 PLN/Month
15 People - From 18725 PLN/Month
10 People - From 12500 PLN/month
15 People - From 18725 PLN/month
19 People - From 23750 PLN/month
25 People - From 31250 PLN/month
28 People - From 35000 PLN/month
31 People - From 38750 PLN/month

Building Amenities

- Bike Rack
- Building Security
- Canteen
- City bike station
- Elevator
- Gym acces
- Parking
- Restaurant
- Underground parking
- Wheelchair acces

Space amenities

- Air conditioning
- Catering
- Coffe/tea
- Conference rooms
- Drinks
- Ethernet connection
- Event & workshop space
- Games room
- Lockers
- Networking events
- Pets
- Phone call room
- Postal services
- Printer/Scanner/Copier
- Reception
- Relaxation Area
- Shared kitchen
- Shower
- Water
- Wi-Fi